Nicolas Cage Flees the First Poster for Stolen (formerly Medallion)

Josh Lucas and Nicolas Cage in Stolen (2012) Movie Image

Nicolas Cage’s “Stolen” used to be called “Medallion”, but perhaps they didn’t want to confuse the film with the Jackie Chan movie from 2003, and changed the title. Either way, it’s a blah title, and the first sales art/poster for the movie is equally blah. It’s Nicolas Cage running from an exploding car. That’s overturned. That’s … pretty much the film’s selling point, I guess. If, you know, you’re a Nicolas Cage fanatic.

In “Stolen”, Cage plays an ex-thief who is (of course) pulled back into the business when bad guys kidnap his daughter, stuffs her into the trunk of a taxi, and forces him to pull one last job … or else! Oh, the one last job gag. It’s as eternal as TV shows about cops and doctors and lawyers.

Cage co-stars with Josh Lucas, Danny Huston, Mark Valley, Sami Gayle, M.C. Gainey, and Marcus Lyle Brown. Simon West directs, so you can expect plenty of stuff blowing up real good.

“Stolen” is currently being sold at Cannes, where it’s good to be in the Nicolas Cage business. Besides “Stolen”, Cage also has “The Frozen Ground” and something called “Marble City” over at Frogtown.

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Stolen (2012) Movie Poster

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