Nicolas Cage Gets a New Blonde Daughter in Left Behind Remake

Cassi ThomsonI guess former “High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale had other things to do. Maybe there’s another “Scary Movie” sequel out there that needs a perky blonde? Or, if we’re lucky, a “High School Musical” reunion movie! (One can only hope.)

In any case, Tisdale is now out of the upcoming rapture movie “Left Behind”, and will be replaced by “Big Love” star Cassi Thompson.

Thompson will play the daughter of Nicolas Cage’s character, a pilot onboard a plane when the rapture hits and people start disappearing, leaving behind a world filled with sinners. Thompson’s character, meanwhile, will be “trying to find her mother and brother in a post-apocalyptic landscape”. I guess both father and daughter are sinners, huh?

“Left Behind” will be based on the series of bestselling Christian novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, and will co-star Martin Klebba, Nicky Whelan, Chad Michael Murray and former “American Idol” alum Jordin Sparks.

Vic Armstrong is directing the film, which is set to shoot this Friday in Baton Rouge.

If all goes well, the idea, of course, is to launch a movie franchise. The producers already had one a few years back, starring Kirk Cameron and Brad Johnson in the Nicolas Cage role. I guess in this version, the Johnson role will be the main character. The Cameron version had a smaller budget, but still managed to churn out three installments. This new version is working with a slightly bigger budget.

Nicolas Cage in Left Behind (2014) Movie Poster

Via : Variety