Nicolas Cage Has Wrath. Is Wrath.

Nicolas Cage in Trespass (2011) Movie ImageNicolas Cage does a lot of movies these days, and it seems like half of them end up on direct-to-DVD with a limited theatrical release, but let’s face it, that’s essentially direct-to-DVD when it only opens in a handful of theaters to fulfill contract obligations. He’s just signed up for a new movie called “I am Wrath”, and from the sounds of it, you’re looking at another “Seeking Justice”/”Stolen” here, folks.

Cage has signed on to front Emmett/Furla Films’ thriller “I am Wrath”, which would find the master of kook playing Stanley, a man whose wife is murdered and finds that “the police are unable to catch the perpetrators. He uncovers a thick plot of police corruption and realizes that he will have to find justice on his own. As he awakens to the level of degradation of the people sworn to serve and protect, we get a little Rage in the Cage as he becomes a vigilante out to destroy those who abuse their power.”

Haha, “Rage in the Cage”. Nice one, Deadline.

Paul Sloan wrote the script, with legendary action director William Friedkin possibly directing. Friedkin is the man behind gritty crime flicks “To Live And Die In LA” and “The L.A. Connection”, and recently released the NC-17 “Killer Joe” with Matthew McConaughey and Juno Temple.

Emmett and Furla are producing along with rapper .50 Cent. Yes, ol Fiddy has been producing movies for a while now, but you might not have noticed since the majority of them starred him and went straight to DVD.