Nicolas Cage is Green Hornet’s Bad Guy

Nicolas Cage does about ten movies a year, give or take a half dozen, and plus, he’s a comic book geek, so it’s no surprise that he’s currently in negotiations to join the luckless “Green Hornet”, the movie by Michel Gondry that’s set to star Seth Rogen as the former TV show masked crime fighter turned big screen hero. Yes, Seth Rogen as a masked crime fighter. And they still insist this thing isn’t going to be one big gag. Whatever, guys, wanna sell me some swampland in Florida, too?

In any case, according to Variety, Cage will play the film’s villain, a gangster who comes into the crosshairs of the Green Hornet and his Chinese chauffeur/kung fu dude. This wouldn’t be Cage’s first bad guy role. He was a pretty nasty piece of work in 1995’s “Kiss of Death”. And in any case, I doubt if the role would require a gritty villain. Chances are, Cage will be chewing scenery like Kevin Spacey in “Superman Returns”.

Earlier casting news had Cameron Diaz joining up to play the film’s female lead, a reporter and love interest for Rogen’s Green Hornet. Columbia Pictures and producer Neal Moritz are also looking to replace Stephen Chow, who ditched the movie a while back, but the news only broke a few days ago thanks to a casting flyer that slipped into the hands of a movie site.

Below: “Whoa, whoa, two against one? That hardly seems fair. I call shenanigans!”