Nicolas Cage is Out For Revenge (Again) in Paco Cabezas’ Tokarev

Tokarev (2014) Movie Image

Messing with Nicolas Cage’s family is always a bad idea. I mean, the guy will punch a woman while wearing a bear suit. Does this sound like the sort of person you’d want to mess with? Killers will have to learn this the hard way once again in director Paco Cabezas’ upcoming action/thriller “Tokarev.” In short: It’s about a dad (Cage) who tracks down his daughter’s killers despite the wishes of a Russian badass (Peter Stormare). Guess what happens?

Go on — guess!

Here’s the official synopsis, but it doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know. However, since I love posted this sort of stuff, here’s how the plot is officially described:

When the Russian mob kidnaps the daughter of a reformed criminal, he rounds up his old crew and seeks his own brand of justice.

Director Paco Cabezas’ “Tokarev” should arrive in theaters at some point next year. Or, you know, it’ll just go straight to home video and VOD. Either way, I’m kind of excited about this one. Because I absolutely love Nicolas Cage. I know that’s kind of the trendy thing to say these days, but I own “Deadfall” on DVD. I’ve earned it.

Tokarev (2014) Movie Poster