Nic Cage vs. Witches in Season of the Witch

He was dangerous with a gun in “Bangkok Dangerous”, and now Nicolas Cage is dangerous with a sword in “Season of the Witch”, in which he’ll play a 14th century knight trying to help a girl accused of witchery get rid of her little problem. Obviously, this is the kind of role Cage was born to play. Um, well, not really, but you know, considering that this is Hollywood, and Cage will be directed by the flashy-to-a-fault Dominic Sena (who last directed Cage in the car masterpiece “Gone in Sixty Seconds”, known primarily as “the car movie where Angelina Jolie had dreads and still managed to look totally hot”), does it matter?

Says THR:

Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity Media and Atlas Entertainment are backing the project, with Atlas founder Charles Roven and partner Alex Gartner set as producers.

Cage plays a 14th century knight transporting a girl suspected of being the witch behind the Black Plague. His compatriots help him bring the girl to an abbey of monks trained in exorcising demons.

“Witch,” written by Bragi Schut Jr. (CBS’ “Threshold”), is set to begin production in early November in Austria and Hungary.

Cage is currently shooting the live-action version of Mark Millar’s teenage superhero movie “Kick Ass”, in which he plays the role of Big Daddy, father to teenage gut-slicer Hit Girl. That movie promises to be something you’ll remember, even if it ends up sucking. This one? Not so much.

Below: Now just picture the guy underneath the helmet balding, with a nervous tick…