Nicolas Winding Refn To Make Modern Thai Western Between Drive And Logan’s Run

What would you think of a movie described as a “modern western” that is also full of “Thai-style ass kicking”? I for one am intrigued, verging on excited. And that is how people are talking about “Only God Forgives”, a film that Nicolas Winding Refn plans to sandwich in between his upcoming car movie “Drive” with Ryan Gosling, and the remake of “Logan’s Run”. That right there only adds fuel to the proverbial fire.

Winding Refn originally planned to do “Only God Forgives”, only to change his mind when “Drive” popped up on his radar. But now it is apparently back on, and complete with the news that Kristin Scott-Thomas and Luke Evans have already been cast, though no start date has been announced. The film is reportedly the story of an English gangster who searches for respite in Thailand, where he has to settle his differences with cop in a Thai Boxing match.

I’m a big fan of pretty much everything Winding Refn has done. “Bronson” and the “Pusher” trilogy were all badass, and I know some people hate on it, but I absolutely loved “Valhalla Rising”. I’m also super pumped up for “Drive”, and even though I don’t think it is even remotely necessary to remake “Logan’s Run”, I’m glad the project is being helmed by someone I consider one of the most interesting young film talents working today. Needless to say, and even though details are sparse, I am very excited by the idea of “Only God Forgives”. I think this is going to be rad, and probably an excellent movie to boot.

What do you think about all of this?