Nicole Kidman’s The Invasion Gets a New Poster

Nicole Kidman’s troubled sci-fi/action/paranoia movie “The Invasion”, a contemporary take on the classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, gets a new poster (thumbnail to your left, a bigger version below) via CraveOnline and it looks, um, pedestrian. Basically, some kid in a studio took a picture of Nicole Kidman and co-star Daniel Craig and then splashed it with red paint. I’m not impressed by the poster, although I am impressed by the trailer that I saw of “The Invasion”. Despite all the news and rumors of a troubled production, I really liked what I saw of the trailer (view it here).

A mysterious epidemic is sweeping the world, but it takes one Washington DC psychiatrist to discover that the disease is extraterrestrial in origin. When her son becomes infected, she and a colleague must work together to find a cure, before the entire world is lost…

Nicole Kidman saves us from alien invaders August 17, 2007.

Nicole Kidman