Bootlegged Sock Puppet Zombies Coming At You

Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated Wild Eye Releasing

Screw pirated copies and leaked trailers, Wild Eye Releasing is bootlegging their movie themselves.

According to Fangoria:

Wild Eye Releasing announced today that in advance of the July release of the Special Edition DVD of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: REANIMIATED, they will be seeping what they call “no frill, not so special” bootleg copies of the film into the marketplace this month.

In an unprecedented move, Wild Eye will be distributing low-end, cheaply packaged versions of Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated to—well, to anyone who wants one. Due to the unpredictable nature of bootlegging, it’s difficult to say with precision where this DVD will surface, but checking sidewalk blankets in big cities and overloaded freebie tables at genre conventions is probably a good place to start. Once fans have their own copy, Wild Eye is encouraging them to upload it to their favorite file-sharing and Torrent sites. And this give-the-people-free-content approach is in perfect keeping with the not-for-profit Creative Commons ethos that launched the NOTLD:R project in the first place.

“Bootlegs more realistically reflect how fans are watching their favorite movies these days,” argues Hauschild. “We’re just beating the bootlegger to the punch and controlling our content.”

Wild Eye describes “NOTLD:R” this way:

International artists and animators were invited to select scenes from the film and reinvent them through their artwork.

Open to all styles, media and processes the results ran the gamut with scenes created in everything from puppet theater to CGI, hand drawn animation to flash, and oil paintings to tattoos.

This cacophony of works was organizes and curated across the original film’s time line in order to create a completely original video track made entirely out of art.

Points for originality. It’s refreshing to see a twist like this, and while its entertainment value is yet to be determined, at least they’re trying something new. Are you listening, Hollywood? Put down the prequel and step away from the sequel bar. Slowly…slooooowly…

The last bit from Wild Eye’s press release is the best:

“Prepare for the worst,” warns Hauschild. “Astute bootleg consumers will appreciate the uneven, hastily prepared cover graphics and the grammatically incorrect marketing copy. We also made sure to use top-grade DVD-R’s to burn these copies of the film. It’s important that people view this as not just another bootleg, but the bootleg of the year.”

Check out some of the trailers below. “Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated” goes on sale July 27. Does this sound like something you’ll check out (the movie, not the bootleg)? Do you predict smash or flop?

NOTE: Nix originally reported on this back in April of ’09. Looks like the release date was pushed back.