Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot Plot Details

The boys over at LatinoReview have gotten their hands on the script for the upcoming reboot of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, and they’ve dished on some important plot points that fans of the original (such as myself) may be a tad concerned will get a “work over” (i.e. unnecessarily screwed with). So what did the rebooters keep and what did they change? Potential SPOILERS ahoy.

First of all, you can watch LR’s video of their script review here. Below are the highlights:

– Freddy is now a (handsome and well-liked!) gardener at an elementary school
– The lynch mob parents still take him down with molotovs
– 13 Years later, Freddy returns for revenge against the children at the school
– The female lead is the town’s outcast and (groan) resident Goth chick named Nancy
– Freddy is no longer a wise-cracking jokester with groovy one-liners
– Freddy is now a straight-up evil S.O.B. with a major grudge
– The hat, sweater, and knife glove remains intact
– Original Freddy Robert Englund will probably have a cameo as a doc
– There is an homage to that infamous scene from the first “Nightmare” involving Nancy’s bath and Freddy’s wandering hand (below pic)

LR gives some conflicting details about Freddy’s deeds, i.e. is he still a child molester and murderer who got off on a technicality? They originally say that Freddy is still a child molester who had it coming, but then later on seems to contradict themselves.

My guess is that Freddy is accused of a heinous act that he didn’t commit, resulting in the molotov-throwing lynchmob that does him in. Thirteen years later, Freddy returns to gut the kids that accused him of the crime he didn’t commit. If I was rewriting the classic script, this is what I would do to put my own spin on the story, and that’s what I’m going to guess Wesley Strick, who did the adaptation, has done. I could be wrong, of course…