Nikita Season 2 Comic Con Trailer

For a while there, the CW was going back and forth about renewing “Nikita” for a second season, which was silly. It’s probably the best show the network currently has on now. “Supernatural” used to hold that title, but let’s face it, ever since the Winchester boys averted Armageddon, it’s been treading water with one meta episode after another. It’s getting a little ridiculous, to be perfectly honest with you.

Luckily for those forced to wallow in the (craptacular) world that is today’s Reality TV-suffocating landscape, “Nikita” returns for its season two September 23rd. And just in time for Comic Con, here’s the first trailer for the upcoming season.

Yup, Nikita and Alex are now on different sides. This is what I like about the show — it actually progresses. I didn’t think Alex would ever actually leave Division in the first season, and was wondering how long they were going to keep going back and forth with that. To my surprise, they have completely removed the Division plot (Xander Berkeley included) in just one season. Now that’s plot progression. Of course, it remains to be seen if removing Division and Berkeley will improve the show or make us long for their return…