Ninja? Are You Kidding me? No I’m Not, Sir. Ninjas!

Color me excited. Never in such a period of human history have we been witness to so many movies about ninjas. Okay, there was the ’70s. And the ’80s. And I think they dabbled in quite the bit of ninja-rific action in the ’90s, too. This decade, I mean. Ahem. Here’s the latest TV spot for James McTeigue’s “Ninja Assassin”, a film that, despite the movie’s cartoony premise, looks like it has the potential to be the most brutal action flick in a while. Fans of ninja brutality might also want to check out 1995’s “The Hunted”. The train scene alone is worth the price of admission.

“Ninja Assassin” stars Rain, Naomie Harris, Randall Duk Kim, Sung Kang, Rick Yune, Ben Miles, Shô Kosugi, and Togo Igawa. Directed by James McTeigue.

The ninjas are coming November 25, 2009.