Ninja Scroll Slices Into UK Theaters and Blu-ray This November

Ninja Scroll (1993) Movie Image

UK fans with a love of all things anime and ninjas will be getting their full when the classic 1993 film “Ninja Scroll”, one of the first films to make Western fans sit up and take notice of anime coming out of Japan, gets a new lease on life with a fresh theatrical and Blu-ray release this November. Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s insane mix of ninja action, demons, and sex and violence will be opening in selected UK cinemas this November 23rd, marking its first time in UK theaters. The film will then be making its way onto Blu-ray a few days after that on November 26th.

Set during Japan’s Tokugawa period, Ninja Scroll opens with female ninja Kagero – the sole survivor of a squad sent to investigate a plagued village – at the mercy of Tessai, a monster of a man who can turn his skin to stone. Rescued by wandering ronin Jubei Kibagami, the pair discover from shady shogunate spy Dakuan that Tessai is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon – a band of super ninja apparently led by Jubei’s old nemesis Himuro Genma, whom he insists that he killed years ago.

Tricked into helping Kagero and Dakuan take down the Eight Devils, expert swordsman Jubei must push his finely-honed fighting skills to the limit if he is to defeat his deadly adversaries, who include shadow assassin Shijima, blind warrior Utsutsu, explosives specialist Zakuro and, of course, the evil Himuro Genma himself. Pitted against such merciless foes, only one thing is certain; Jubei Kibagami must kill or be killed.

Before its November 23rd release, “Ninja Scroll” will be getting a premiere a week earlier at the Hackney Picturehouse Cinema on Friday, November 16th.

This is a premium ticket event and includes admission to the movie, an advance copy of the standard edition Blu-ray and a limited edition, signed and numbered variant “Ninja Scroll” movie poster by acclaimed British illustrator, Sam Gilbey (“Call of Duty”, “Scott Pilgrim”). There will be only 300 tickets available for this event making the poster an instant collector’s item and world exclusive. One lucky ticket holder to the UK premiere will also be the winner of a £500 Manga bundle including some of their best-selling box sets and Blu-rays including “Dragon Ball Z”, “Madoka Magica”, “Akira” and more.

To get more info on the premiere, visit the Hackney Picturehouse Cinema official site.

Ninja Scroll (1993) Movie Blu-ray Collector's Edition