Ninja’s Creed Silently Scheduled to Bow on Region 1

I’m not sure what to make of Babar Ahmed’s action flick “Ninja’s Creed” (aka “Royal Kill”). Although IMDb has the film listed as a 2009 title, the picture co-stars the late Pat Morita, who passed away back in 2005. How long this thing has been sitting around is anybody’s guess. However, judging from the trailer I’ve carefully provided below, the movie doesn’t look half bad. Granted, I do have a soft spot for action flicks that feature lithe women performing wire-fu, so one should take that into serious consideration before putting their faith into anything of this nature. At least I’m warning you upfront, right?

“Ninja’s Creed” starring Gail Kim, Eric Roberts, and Pat Morita will spin kick retail shelves on July 20th. The aforementioned clip resides below.