Nix’s 10 Most Disappointing Movies of 2011

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Mickey Rourke in Immortals (2011) Movie Image


Mickey Rourke sure looks horny. You know, because his character wears a big ol mask with horns on top? Yeah, that was the joke that kept running through my head during Tarsem Singh’s unbelievably ridiculous “Immortals”. The bastard son of “Clash of the Titans” and “300” wants to be a visionary take on the same ol, same ol (apparently it’s in Singh’s contract that every press release that references him must have the phrase “visionary director” somewhere in the same sentence), but ends up just being, well, the same ol, same ol. Henry Cavill tries his best here, but he’s saddled with an awful script. The only thing that could have saved “Immortals” is if Mickey Rourke’s character had no reason to slaughter his way through the movie’s fake ass landscapes. If he was just a psycho who liked killing folks. Instead, he gets some ridiculous grudge against the Gods. Pfft. Boo hoo for you, Mickey Rourke, join the friggin’ club, man! Stop being such a bitch! By the way, the Gods in “Immortals”? For a bunch of guys that live on a giant mountain in the clouds, they sure are easy to kill.

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Author: Nix

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    I agree with just about everything other than Immortals and Green Lantern, though it seems I am in the minority given word on the street lol! I thought Immortals was as cohesive if not more than most films of the genre. I would condemn others who use the term “Visionary” wayyy before Tarsem Singh. Green Lantern was disappointing to me only in the fact that it was an origin and wanted to see Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, or more importantly, As Wally West, the flash. I thought it set good groundwork for a kick ass sequel which is the downfall of all origin stories in a franchise. Everything else I am with you on. As I said before, Great post. I would love to go back and forth with you on a movie review. If only we could to an “Mst3k” like viewing/review of immortals. That would be kick-ass.

    P.s. The Thing Prequel just made me happy because All i could think about while watching it was how badass it would be to see those monsters/ necromorphs in a Dead Space film.

  • LionHeart

    Wait, I Am Number Four? Really? That was anticipated to some degree?


      anticipated but not received well at all. Besides the wire work, which was fantastic, the movie was not good by any means.

  • Justin Kenna

    Totally agree with you. Though, I can’t help but still enjoy the Green Lantern movie. It is so much fun to be mentally absorbed into that universe.

    My top two are On Stranger Tides, and Cowboys and Aliens.

    Haven’t seen The Thing yet; waiting to rent it. But lol to your short review of it. That’s all I’m going to be thinking about while watching it. TAKE OFF THE FRIGGEN COAT!

  • Dedpool

    I to have to agree with most of these, but I like TSTI and Justin enjoyed GL. I think the anticipation and the visuals really helped but thereally fumbled on the script, and had they stayed closer the animated film “First Flight” which played like “Training Day” in space. How could that go wrong? The rest of these movies had a lot if potential and they just fell short, or didn’t execute it well.

  • Tin Hoang

    Also, I don’t think Abduction was really anticipated in the first place. That was going to be turd right of the chute.