No 28 Months Later Yet … But More 28 Days Later

Judging from the number of people who continue to post in our “28 Months Later” (the tentative (re: guesstimate) title for the third “28 Days Later” movie) articles, Danny Boyle’s infected world is still very popular with the kids. Comic book publisher Boom Studios and movie guys Fox Atomic apparently know that, too, and they’ve teamed up to give fans of the franchise a fresh batch of “28” stories — via a new comic book series.

According to the Boom! Studios press release announcing the new comic book series, the first story arc of the series will follow the female lead from “28 Days Later”, Selena (played by Naomie Harris) as she attempts to survive the initial plague outbreak. It will also bridge the first movie with the start of the second movie, “28 Weeks Later”. The PR release promises that “key questions” from the movies will be answered, including, one presumes, what happened to Selena and Jim. Did they live happily ever after? Or did they, too, finally succumb to the infection?

There is no word on when the first issue of the “28 Days Later” comic will hit store shelves, but here are two versions of the first issue cover: