No Footloose Remake for Zac Efron

I hold a soft spot in my heart for Kevin Bacon’s 1984 movie “Footloose”. A goofy, squishy, dark spot where I rarely let people see, especially women, lest they realize I’m not the totally awesome dude they’ve come to lust after. But I digress. You might have heard that they’re remaking the movie with Zac Efron from “High School Musical”. Well bad news, HSM tweeners, because Efron has just ditched the remake, so now you’ll have to settle for some other young whipper snapper from the city to show them country townfolk how to “raise the roof”.

Says The Wrap:

Zac Efron wants to be fancy free, but apparently not footloose, TheWrap has discovered.

The teen-throb star of Disney’s first three “High School Musical” films, has pulled out of Paramount’s planned remake of “Footloose,” in an apparent effort to stretch his career beyond fame as just a cute song-and-dance man.

Efron told the studio last week that he did not want to do another musical at this point in his career, according to a senior member of the production team.

Efron may be out, but Paramount will still move on with rebooting the ’80s musical, because what else are they gonna do, make an original movie? Hah!

You know what I liked most about “Footloose”? The final 4 minutes, when Kevin Bacon runs into the prom where everyone is just standing around and yells, “Let’s dance!” And then Chris Penn does his dance. It’s so goofy, so out of this world dumb, that I just melt like a 12-year old girl at a Total Request Live taping with special guest appearances by that Robert guy from “Twilight”.