No Heroics Creator to Write Marvel’s Runaways Movie

Slowly but surely, and quite under the radar (at least as far as the non-fanboy masses are concerned), Marvel Studios is getting their live-action adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s “Runaways” ready for the big screen. After attaching a director in Pete Sollett, the fledgling studio has now tapped “No Heroics” creator Drew Pearce to adapt the comics to the screen for them.

If you haven’t seen Pearce’s “No Heroics”, it’s a British sitcom about superheroes with pretty shitty powers who spend all their time whining in a pub doing what Brits do best in a pub, that is drinking themselves to death. The show was eventually remade in the States with Freddie Prinze Jr. attached to star. I haven’t a clue what’s become of it since, and frankly, I’m too scared to find out.

The movie’s got a pretty nifty premise: the teenage children of supervillains decide they don’t want to follow in their parent’s footsteps and become heroes instead. Kids. Am I right?