No Hobbit For Neill Blomkamp After All?

It was only last week that there were news that “District 9’s” Neill Blomkamp was not only up for directing the two “Hobbit” movies for producer Peter Jackson and MGM, but he had already secured the gig. Apparently not so much, at least according to Vulture, who chides the online community for “parroting” the rumor (cause, you know, Vulture has never done that), before spreading their own rumors that Blomkamp won’t be directing “The Hobbit” films, but will instead continue with development on his new sci-fi project called “Elysium”, a film that will take place on another planet.

As proof that they’re right and everyone else is wrong, and nah nah nah nah nah, Vulture cites “an insider” at Blomkamp’s talent agent, William Morris Endeavor. Eh, makes no real difference to me. I’ll be honest with you, I’d rather see Blomkamp do something else, something new than give us two more movies in the “Lord of the Rings” franchise, but then again, I don’t curl up at night with a Tolkien book and dream of Middle Earth.

Blomkamp’s “Elysium” is one of those top secret projects that no one is talking, which all but guarantees that someone will eventually get something very big from it and expose it online. That’s what usually happens when you get cute with something as big and expensive as a movie project.

Neill Blomkamp at ComicCon, trying to explain why there is a totally unnecessary extra 'L' in his first name.