No Japanese Release for Evan Almighty

Well this is a bit of a surprise. Apparently Steve Carell’s “Evan Almighty” won’t get the September release that it was supposed to in Japan. In fact, the studio has canceled all future releases of “Almighty” in Japanese theaters altogether, says Variety. The reason? Anemic box office in the U.S. seems to be the primary cause, including the film’s lower than expected first weekend take, the lifeblood for most of these Summer Event films. Add to that “Almighty’s” infamously and massively bloated budget, and it appears the studio doesn’t want to spend anymore money on “Almighty”.

More from Variety:

Also, though “Bruce Almighty” earned Y10 billion ($8.2 million) in Japan, star Jim Carrey was a far better known name to Japanese fans than “Evan Almighty” topper Steve Carell, whose breakthrough “The 40 Year Old Virgin” did not get a theatrical release in Japan and whose series “The Office” has yet to air on Japanese TV. Carell’s indie hit “Little Miss Sunshine” did open in the territory, but made only a tiny fraction of its US total.

Another reason why this is such a shock is that Japan has always been the best market for Hollywood films other than the U.S. Even the worst Hollywood movies have managed to earn a profit overseas, specifically in Japan, so when a studio bypasses Japan completely, something is terribly amiss.

Steve Carell better hopes his “Get Smart” remake does better than “Evan Almighty”, or his sudden rise to superstardom might be a very short ride.

No Japan Release for Evan Almighty