No Joke: Steve Austin Nearly Killed Sly During The Expendables

In an interview with FHM magazine (you respectable types won’t know what that is, so don’t you go Googling it now and get caught by the old lady, you’ll never be able to convince her you were doing it for research), Sylvester Stallone says that the fights on “The Expendables” were so realistic, he nearly died during one of them. No joke. Actually, it happened during one of the film’s fight scenes the star/director of the movie had to perform with former wrestler Steve “Stone Cold” Austin.

Relates the 63-year old:

‘Man, it was seven guys, kicking each other’s ass, one guy tougher than the next. No joke, our stunt guys were begging for mercy.

‘Actually, my fight with Stone Cold Steve Austin was so vicious that I ended up getting a hairline fracture in my neck. I’m not joking.

‘I haven’t told anyone this, but I had to have a very serious operation afterwards. I now have a metal plate in my neck.’


“The Expendables” stars Hollywood’s biggest (and oldest) action stars, including Stallone, who is himself 63, Dolph Lundgren who is 52, Mickey Rourke at 57, Jet Li who is pushing 46, and of course, the pup of the crew, Jason Statham, who is a young 37. If that wasn’t enough, the movie also features cameos by old timers Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. Can you imagine the amount of Geritol on that set…?

So where was my invitation? Man, I'm too old for this shit.