No Karate Kid for Will Smith? I’m Confused.

Not long ago it was said that Will Smith was eyeing a remake of the 1980s classic “The Karate Kid”, and that he would produce the film. Then some people said he would also direct it, making it his directorial debut, which I found to be lacking in validity. Big-time movie stars never direct a big-time movie on their first outing; they always go for something small, and work their way up. It’s almost a Hollywood Law or something. Then there were those rumors that Smith would be casting his 9-year old son Jaden in the lead, and somewhere, somehow, Jackie Chan’s name got thrown into the mix as playing Mister Miyagi. Well apparently every single Karate Kid remake news has been crap, because Smith is denying them. All of them. Or at least, that’s what his publicist, Heidi Schaeffer, says, and we all know how truthful they are.

Here’s the important part from the Yahoo! Movies article:

But one movie Smith will not be doing is a remake of 1984’s The Karate Kid.

Internet rumors have abounded that the actor was planning on directing son Jayden in the Ralph Macchio role, with Jackie Chan playing Mr. Miyagi.

“He’s certainly not,” Shaeffer tells E! Online.”I don’t know where that came from.”

Again, she’s a publicist, it’s her job to tell people what her client wants her to tell people. Meaning, if Smith tells her that he’s going to fly to the moon tomorrow, and that he would like everyone to send him their rocket spirits by thinking nice thoughts about flowers, that’s exactly what she would tell everyone — with a straight face.

Hey, I was never all that keen about a remake, anyways. The original just seemed to fit in its ’80s timeline.

No Karate Kid for Will Smith? I’m Confused.