No Lex Luthor for Christopher Meloni in Man of Steel

So much for all the speculations. Given his balding hairline, one would be justified in assuming that former “Law and Order” regular Christopher Meloni was trading in his good guy badge for some bad guy creds when he was recently added to Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, the director’s Superman reboot for Warner Bros. The role, of course, HAD to be that of Lex Luthor, right?

As it turns out, not so much.

Vulture caught up to Meloni somewhere recently, and laid the question on him. Meloni confirms that he won’t be playing Luthor, but instead an unnamed “general” in the movie. Not General Zod, of course, that role is going to “Boardwalk Empire’s” Michael Shannon. We’re thinking a more Earth-bound five-star type.

So there you have it, kids. Still no signs of Lex Luthor in Snyder’s “Superman” movie yet. Who knows, maybe they’re saving Supe’s greatest enemy for the sequel? It would certainly be a novel idea. After all, even when Bryan Singer featured ol Baldie in his own reboot, the character was already getting tedious. We could all use a break from his wacky land schemes and various money-themed machinations.

Now, if ol Luthor would put away the suit and tie and slip on some indestructible armor, he might actually be interesting again…