No Mel = No Lethal Weapon 5

Love him or hate him, no Mel Gibson means no “Lethal Weapon 5”. Martin Riggs is, after all, the lethal weapon of the title. Without him, you’d just have, well, “Old Black Guy with a Mustache”. According to Moviehole, who recently put in a phone call to “Lethal Weapon 5” writer and would-be director Shane Black, Gibson, who in the past has considered coming back, now seems certain he wants no part of it, and is even refusing to take calls from producer Joel Silver who is trying to lure him back.

Says Moviehole:

A contact at Warner Bros agreed with Black, saying “That one is as good as dead. It won’t happen. Which is a pity” he said, adding that Black’s screenplay – which reportedly involved Riggs and Martaugh teaming with the latter detective’s grown-up son, now also a copper, to catch a scumbag, was “fabulous. A much better send off than [Number 4]”.

Rumor has it that Gibson’s lack of interest only deepened when his buddy Richard Donner, the only director the franchise has known so far, was not given the opportunity to come back, with Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver going with the younger Shane Black instead. Not that Black has no vested interest in the franchise as well, mind you; he is, after all, the one who created the franchise from scratch, and co-wrote part 2.

So if you were one of the five people hoping for this thing to happen, you can start putting your hope into something else now. How about Pauly Shore winning an Oscar? Could actually be easier than getting “Lethal Weapon 5” in production. Obviously this sucks most for Danny Glover. The guy’s got bills to pay, you know.

Below: Maybe if they made the villains greedy Jewish bankers, Gibson might reconsider…