No Mercy for the Punisher at the Box Office

OUCH. That’s the pain Lionsgate must be feeling right now after they saw the box office receipts for “Punisher: War Zone” over the weekend. The reboot/sequel/whatever opened wide in a respectable 2,508 theaters this Friday, but landed with a solid thud at eighth place with a meager $4 million in its debut weekend. To add insult to injury, the (probably very awful) “Cadillac Records”, starring Beyonce Knowles, made just $500 thousand less than Frank Castle’s latest rampage in theaters even though it opened in about 2000 less screens. Once more: OUCH.

The Christmas comedy “Four Christmases” maintained the top spot with $18 million, good for $70 million in two weeks of release, and once again reiterating what everyone already knows — chicks will watch anything with Reese Witherspoon, as long as no one’s being tortured onscreen. Teen vampire romance “Twilight” still managed a respectable $13 million in its third week, bringing the total to a whopping $138 million. Not bad for a movie with a $37 million dollar budget.

Here’s how the box office Top 10 broke down over the weekend for those of you who care about such things:

1 —–Four Christmases —–$18,180,000—–$70,843,000
2 —–Twilight —– $13,197,000 —–$138,552,000
3 —–Bolt —–$9,696,000 —–$79,281,000
4 —–Australia —–$7,000,000 —–$30,869,000
5 —–Quantum of Solace —–$6,600,000 —–$151,468,000
6 —–Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa —–$5,100,000 —–$165,675,000
7 —–Transporter 3 —–$4,500,000—–$25,381,000
8 —–Punisher: War Zone —–$4,000,000 —–$4,000,000
9 —–Cadillac Records —–$3,500,000—–$3,500,000
10 —–Role Models—–$2,622,000 —–$61,665,000

Below: “Wait, that baby’s going to do what to me? Aw hell nah!”