No Politics in G.I. Joe, Says Producer

What? No thinly disguised Hollywood claptrap about the evils (ahem, let me rephrase that: the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVILS) of American foreign policy in the new “G.I. Joe” movie? For shame, Hollywood, for shame! Then again, we are talking about a movie where people dress up in bulky exo-suits and go running around France dodging missiles fired from cars, so what did you expect?

In an old interview with EW that I just ran across to day (hey, I have a life — well, sort of), “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura reiterates the film’s “no politics” promise:

”This G.I. Joe has nothing to do with American foreign policy,” promises di Bonaventura. ”It’s about a team of skilled operatives fighting an evil organization that’s trying to take over the world. There are no politics in it at all.”

Meanwhile, interviews with the film’s cast and crew netted these gems:

From Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is playing (a way too young) Cobra Commander:

”You know, the grand tradition of acting — it all comes from masks,. And this may be the only chance I’ll get to do that kind of acting.”

Marlon Wayans promises gags and karate chops:

”I’m comic relief. I’m a Joe who can chop you in the throat while acing my delivery of a knock-knock joke.”

Wow, I didn’t know Marlon Wayans was a comedian. He is?

Below: The Baroness, meanwhile, promises plenty of ass.