No Punching Disney Princess in The Avengers, But Definitely Another Female Hero

By now you’ve probably heard all the official denials that manufactured Disney princess Demi Lovato will not be in “The Avengers” as rumored, which apparently made a lot of nerds really happy. I don’t know, I think she would have made a fine addition; she’s not a really bad actress, per se. Or at least, it would have been funny watching her punch people in the movie, being that she got in trouble for that in real life. You know, as an inside joke kinda thing?

ANYWAYS. According to THR, though, the powers that be are actively looking at adding a second female character to the line-up to offset all the testosterone that will be provided by Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor, with only little ol Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) breaking up the boy’s club.

Sources say Marvel is looking for another actress to, um, (un)beef up the lineup, although in typical Marvel secretive fashion, the role is not being revealed. (Anyone want to take bets it’s the Wasp?)

It would make sense for the extra female character to be Wasp, or another female superhero. Adding an additional female character who is just someone’s girlfriend or background support or a SHIELD agent would be pointless, since I assume there would be plenty of that already. To really add something to the line-up, you’d need an actual superhero. So yes, the Wasp makes sense, not only because she’s an active member of the group and has been for a long time in its history, but also because the Wasp has been rumored since day one, and where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

Or just a really, really smoky chimney.

Then again, if not Wasp, how about … Spider-Woman? There’s your new spin-off franchise in the making right there…