No Reshoots for Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes

Now this is a first. You usually don’t see major movie studios coming out and denying that reshoots for one of their big-budget movies are underway. Usually when rumors of reshoots surface on the Internet, studios keep mum, feeling no need to speak up. Warner Bros. isn’t doing that with Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”, and have actually come out to dispute a report in the UK tabloid The Sun that surfaced earlier this week claiming Ritchie had to recall the cast for some unexpected reshoots.

The WB issued this statement (via Yahoo! News):

“It is not true that Warner Bros. has asked for any reshoots on ‘Sherlock Holmes’. The inserts and pickup shots being completed next week, which have long been part of the schedule, do not involve any cast, and are a standard part of filmmaking.

“It is still early in the production process, and the studio has not yet seen the movie. Both Warner Bros. and Guy Ritchie are very pleased with the footage they have seen thus far.”

Those wacky Brits and their made-up movie stories. Really, they actually get paid to write this stuff, while here I am, toiling away in my parent’s basement in my boxers. Sigh.

Below: Sherlock Holmes don’t need to stinkin’ reshoots, apparently.