Bond Has no Need of Solace at the Box Office

The bad guys sure didn’t like Bond when he was pissed off in “Quantum of Solace”, but moviegoers sure did. A lot. They flooded the theaters this weekend, making Bond’s latest outing “Quantum of Solace” the highest opening for a Bond movie of all time with $70.4 million, easily burying the last record holder, the Pierce Brosnan-starrer “Die Another Day’s” $47.7 million. The huge opening also has Daniel Craig’s second turn as Bond poised to break “Casino Royale’s” $167 million total from 2006. Of course, it’ll have to make that much and then some just to break even with its estimated $200 million dollar budget.

To be honest with you, I have no Earthly idea why “Quantum of Solace” cost $200 million to make. Do a couple of car, boat, and plane chases really cost that much to stage nowadays? Of course, all that product placement whoring Bond did for “Solace” shouldn’t hurt the bottom line any.

In any case, “Quantum of Solace” takes place immediately after the events of “Casino Royale”, and follows Bond as he hops around the globe in search of the mysterious Quantum organization, responsible for the death of his beloved Vesper. Along the way, he bumps into some familiar faces, some new Bond girls, kills a lot of bad guys, and also gets half of the familiar and new faces killed, too. Basically, Bond got a whole lot of people killed in “Solace”. It’s that kind of cheery picture.

In a bit of irony, “Quantum of Solace” scored its highest opening weekend for being the least Bond film of them all. If you’ve seen the movie, then you’d be hardpressed to tell this was a Bond film. It’s basically James Bond for the Bourne generation.

“Quantum of Solace” is in theaters now.

Below: “$70 million opening weekend and all I got was this lousy porn ’70s mustache? Lame, Bond, real lame.”