No South Park Movie Anytime Soon, Alas

The good news is that Trey Parker doesn’t see material for his South Park TV show drying up anytime soon. (Anyone who has seen last week’s High School Musical send-off knows that these guys are still hitting the ball out of the park. Who doesn’t love the singing, gay slapping man? I mean, come ON! He’s gay, he sings everything, and he’s slap happy!) The bad news? We’re not going to be getting any South Park movie sequel anytime soon. Which sucks, because the first one kinda rocked in all kinds of nasty and foul ways. So what about a “Team America” sequel? Nope, nothing there, either, mostly because the shoot was way too hard for the South Park duo, and they would rather jump into a pool filled with sharks than go through that mess again. Okay, he didn’t say that exactly, but words to that effect.

Here are the highlights of what Parker told the LA Times in a recent interview:

We came up with this pretty good idea for a movie, and then of course what happened was we got in the middle of a ‘South Park’ run, and were completely out of ideas,” Parker recalls. “And we were like, well, we’ve got to use the movie idea. And that became ‘Imaginationland.'”

“We started going down the movie route,” Parker said hesitantly. “Basically, ‘Team America’ just killed the movie spirit in us…”

“It was just a much bigger beast than we ever could have imagined,” Parker said. “Even the guy who shot all ‘The Matrix’ movies and the ‘Spider-Man’ movies would agree that it was the toughest movie shoot to do because it was trying to do a huge action film with marionettes, who don’t do anything, and not use any computers to fix anything or do any effects.”

Basically, no feature-length movies from the South Park duo for a while. Maybe forever. Until then, we’ll just have to make due with the best 30 minutes in all of TV once a week. South Park is still funnier and more relevant than any show on TV, and if you don’t agree with that, then you’re a humorless dork and should probably shoot yourself right now.

Below: Crab people. Even more dangerous than Michael Jackson in a day care.