No Stretch Armstrong for Taylor Lautner After All

Stretch ArmstrongIt wasn’t that long ago that you couldn’t go a day without announcing another major movie role for Taylor Lautner, aka the Shirtless Wonder from the “Twilight” movies. Then, uh, “Abduction” happened.

The film didn’t actually do that badly at the box office. Made for $35 million, it actually earned $82 million worldwide. Not exactly Earth-shattering numbers, of course, but not the bomb people are trying to portray it is. But possibly more important than the film’s box office is that it was the first major “movie star movie” for Taylor Lautner, and the kid proved … uh, he doesn’t have it in him. Yet. I personally don’t think it was his fault; he’s what, 19? Too much, too soon, would be my guess.

In any case, all that is to lead you into this news that Lautner is now out as the lead in Hasbro’s “Stretch Armstrong” movie. Lautner was originally announced as the wannabe franchise’s leading man with great fanfare not all that long ago. But that was then, and this in 2012.

Besides dropping Lautner, the movie has also found a new home at Relativity Media, so it sounds like Hasbro still intends to mine their toy vault for cinematic adaptations.

You know what Relativity and Hasbro should do if they’re smart? Go completely kiddie with the movie. I mean, “Inspector Gadget”-level kiddie. Forget about trying to sell this to teenagers over the age of 13, it’s going to be a tough sell, even with Lautner. Go straight kiddie. After all, the toy is about a guy that, uh, stretches. Not much you can do with that…

Taylor Lautner in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) Movie Image

Via : Deadline