No Superman Reboot for the Brothers Wachowski?

Earlier this month someone who may or may not have existed sent a story to AICN about how he saw on TV that the Wachowski Brothers were going to take a stab at rebooting the Superman franchise for Warner Bros. Obviously as is the case with these “from foreign lands” scoops, you never really know if it’s true or not. Them’s big oceans, folks. In this case, it may not have been true.

The guys over at SlashFilm have been pursuing the story, and they had this to say:

Sorry to get you guys all excited but I have just gotten confirmation from two independent sources that the report was completely false. I don’t know if an interview with James McTeigue actually aired on RTL1 or not (I’m guessing not) but The Wachowski Brothers have definitely never had any talks with DC or Warner Bros to helm a Superman film. This is confirmed.

So SlashFilm confirms that the previous story was false. Now I’m waiting for AICN to confirm that their original confirmation was indeed true, and that SlashFilm’s confirmation was false. Or maybe I’m just spoiling for a geek fight. Oh, Interwebs, you’re so delightful.

Below: The Wachowski, er, brothers showing off their wares.