Noomi Rapace and Natalie Portman Top Alien Prequel Candidates List

It looks like Natalie Portman might be heading back into outer space after all. After being rumored for Alfonso Cuaron’s lost-in-space movie “Gravity”, Portman’s name has now surfaced as the top dog in Fox’s “Alien” Pequel. Apparently doing a supernatural ballet movie with Darren Aronofsky was the best thing that ever happened to her. God knows wooden acting in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” prequels sure didn’t do much.

The latest word on the Scott “Alien” prequels (there will be two) now has Natalie Portman at the top of the list to front the sci-fi/action movie.

Yes, Natalie Portman. Potentially fighting aliens in outer space. Sheesh. Didn’t they already try this with Winona Ryder in “Alien: Resurrection”? That worked out really well, Fox.

In any case, Portman isn’t the only one on the short list to play a “Colonel Marine General” (???), but Noomi Rapace is right behind her. The “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” actress is quite the hot commodity nowadays, and honestly, I’d take her over Portman at the drop of a hat. She would definitely be more convincing slaying aliens with a pulse rifle. Could Natalie Portman even hold a pulse rifle? What is she, five feet tall?

Anyways, the other news is that “Lost” guy Damon Lindelof has turned in his script for the movie, which Fox apparently “flipped” for. Why the enthusiasm? Because it can be shot on the cheap (or as “cheap” as big studio movies can be nowadays, anyway), and doesn’t have any big action set pieces. It’ll also be set 35 years before the events of Scott’s original “Alien” movie, and there aren’t enough out-and-out visceral action that the film couldn’t achieve the desired PG-13 rating.

So, a pair of Ridley Scott-directed “Alien” prequel movies starring either Natalie Portman or Noomi Rapace, coming to you in PG-13 goodness. You ready for it?

'Really? Natalie Portman or me? There's a choice here? Whatever, Hollywood.'