Nostradamus Lives on in The Foundation

In case you haven’t already noticed, but comic books are the in thing in Hollywood nowadays. Everyone who is everyone, and everyone who is no one, has snapped up a comic book to develop into a movie. It doesn’t have to be icons like Captain America or Batman, it could be a comic no one has ever heard off, such as the recent announcement on “Cowboys and Aliens”, or just a post down, “Lost Squad”. But hey, why even WAIT for a comic book to be publish? That’s probably what Paramount was thinking when they pre-emptively picked up the rights to “The Foundation,” an upcoming comic book to be published by Boom! Studios. Yes, that’s right, it hasn’t even been published yet, and Paramount has already laid claims on it.

So what’s “The Foundation” about that Paramount is so giddy to toss it into production?

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Written by John Rozum and drawn by Kody Chamberlain, the five-issue miniseries uses the prophesies of Nostradamus as its backdrop. In the tale, Nostradamus’ books of foreshadowing made him a rich man, and he took his riches and created a foundation to prevent the prophesies from happening. The comic focuses on the secret team in the present day who uses the prophet’s published and unpublished works to predict threats to the world.

This isn’t Boom!’s first comic-to-movie sell. They also have the action-thriller comic “Talent” and the horror comic “Tag” both set up at Universal.

Here’s a question: If Nostradamus can see the future, does he also know when he’ll die, and does he even try to avoid it?

Nostradamus Lives on in The Foundation