Not to Be Outdone, The Asylum Releases Their Own Version of Sherlock Holmes

The people working diligently behind-the-scenes at The Asylum, the infamous production company known for their low-budget adaptations of big-budget theatrical films, have been pretty busy over the past few months. If the promise of “Mega Piranha” wasn’t enough, apparently the “studio” is set to release their own version of Sherlock Holmes, albeit with a lot more robots, dinosaurs, and Playstation-era special effects than Guy Ritchie’s version. Naturally, I’m curious, though I’m starting to believe that the trailer embedded below has caused something to rise in the back of my throat. Maybe it was all that risotto I greedily consumed earlier tonight. Yeah, that’s it. The risotto.

You can bring The Asylum’s staggering interpretation of “Sherlock Holmes” into your spacious abode on January 26th, though I’m not sure why anyone would.