NOW Is the Akira Movie Dead?

Haters of Warner Bros.’ upcoming all-white “Akira” live-action movie rejoice — another nail has just gone into the would-be film’s coffin. Whether that’s enough to kill the film for good remains to be seen. I’m guessing not, since Warner Bros. paid a nice 7-figure sum to acquire the Japanese property for adaptation two years ago. And by now, they must have spent quite a bit on pre-production already, and you know Hollywood, they hate to waste money. (Wait, that last part isn’t true at all…)

According to Deadline, Albert Hughes, who has been attached to the movie for a few years now, and who has been talking it up something fierce, has now left the project. This comes after Keanu Reeves, coveted by the WB brass to play the lead Kaneda, turned down the job.

Now Reeves and Hughes-less, word is that Warner Bros. still intents on making the film, and will be looking for a replacement director quickly. They will also be returning to a short list of actors that was released a while back for potential male leads. (You can read the guys on that list here.)

The Brothers Hughes doing something other than directing "Akira".