Now You Too Can Kick Ass and Get the Girl like Scott Pilgrim

When true love is on the line, Scott Pilgrim doesn’t take guff from anyone, even seven evil ex-boyfriends. Okay, six evil ex-boyfriends and one evil ex-girlfriend. (Oh yeah, youthful experimentation for the win!) Now you don’t need to take any of it, either, in the new “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” game. Check out an extended trailer for the game below via GameTrailers.

“Scott Pilgrim” will become available first on the Playstation Network from Ubisoft on August as a paid download. It will then launch on other platforms like the XBox, though when is currently unknown.

In the game, you’ll be able to play as Scott Pilgrim himself, his love interest Ramona Flowers, and Scott’s two bandmates, Kim Pine and Stephen Stills. Gameinformer says you will also be able to unlock playable characters like Knives Chau or Young Neil. There’s no online mode, though.