Odette Yustman and Gary Oldman Fight Ghosts

One of the best actors working today and one of the hottest rising stars of today join forces for what is being described as a Holocaust-themed supernatural thriller, to be written and directed by the prolific David S. Goyer, who writes and directs more movies than I eat curly fries from Jack in the Box a day, and I love me my curly friends.


The untitled project follows a 19-year-old girl (Odette Yustman, “Cloverfield”) who is haunted by a dybbuk, the soul of a dead person barred from heaven, in the form of a young boy who perished in Auschwitz. Oldman would play the spiritual specialist who helps the girl.

Creepy ghost kid. Now that’s gonna be hard to do. If done right, it’ll be scary; if done wrong, it’ll be funny (ala the Grudge films — seriously, a blue ghost kid? Bleh).

No title yet, which is odd. How hard is it to come up with a title, David? Especially since you’ve already nabbed the leading lady and the leading man?


The film is now going under the title of “The Unborn”.

Odette Yustman and Gary Oldman Fight Ghosts