Of Course World War Z is the First of a Planned Trilogy

World War Z Novel CoverEver since “The Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings”, every producer working on a genre film worth his salt has had dreams of “trilogy” dancing in their silly little heads. Of course, it never really works out that way, as invariably a film opens, does modestly, and you never hear from them again. It is VERY rare for a movie to actually achieve that much-desired trilogy status, but that’s not going to stop Hollywood types from announcing their intentions to make a “trilogy”. It’s the same sort of psychology that goes into announcing the development of sequels even before the first movie opens: if you tell moviegoers that your movie is so good that you’re already working on a sequel (or two — remember, trilogy!), it might convince them that it’s so good they HAVE to see it.

Having said that, here’s talk that the Brad Pitt zombie movie “World War Z” (which, from what I hear, takes the gist of the Max Brooks book from which it is based and goes completely off the rails) is being planned as a trilogy of movies. Of COURSE it is.

Directed by former Bond helmer Marc Foster, “World War Z” would star Pitt as “a United Nations fact-finder and family man who desperately races around the globe to determine the origins of a zombie pandemic that has toppled civilization in short order.” Hopefully that means he picks up a gun or two along the way, cause watching action hero Brad Pitt running around with a clipboard might get pretty boring pretty fast.

According to the LATimes, “Forster and Paramount Pictures each view “World War Z” as a trilogy that would have the grounded, gun-metal realism of, say, Damon’s Jason Bourne series tethered to the unsettling end-times vibe of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

Will it actually happen? I doubt it. “Zombieland” and “Dawn of the Dead” were both hits (and they don’t have the massive budget of “World War Z”, so they had even less ground to make up), and no one bothered to make sequels for them. “World War Z” would have to really do well to justify a sequel, much less that fantasy trilogy status.

Brad Pitt in World War Z Set Image

Via : IGN