FX Chanenl Renews Justified for a Third Season

Well this is excellent news — one of my favorite shows on TV, the FX Channel’s modern Western “Justified” has been renewed for a third season. You can expect an official press statement on the renewal later today. This comes on the heels of the channel canceling their boxing drama “Lights Out”. The raunchy animated show “Archer” is also looking good for another season.

I’m really digging the current season of “Justified”, too. The surprising (but very delightful) pairing of Boyd and Ava, the growth of the Bennetts as the season’s heavies, and just when it looks like our hero Raylan’s relationship with ex-wife Winona was starting to come back together again, she goes and does something dumb that ruins it. That was last week’s episode. The next two episodes return to deal with the Bennett clan, with Raylan tasked with watching over a coal executive played by Rebecca Creskoff (“Hung”) who runs afoul of the Bennets. Creskoff, who is really good in the role, cuts quite the figure throughout her 2-3 episode arc.

And with a Season 3 confirmed, you can expect a bang-up finale for Season 2. It’s gonna get real bloody, folks.