Official Trailer for Uwe Boll’s Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

My admiration for Uwe Boll knows no bounds. The man is, simply put, a force to be reckon with. Or avoid. It’s entirely up to you. I like to steer into the skid myself, and despite his legion of detractors, I have an affinity for the guy. After all, he continues to make movies despite the vast majority of moviegoers automatically dissing his films without even having seen them, but simply by the sound of his name. That’s one hell of bad buzz for one person to generate, and yet, and yet, Uwe Boll continues to churn out films.

His latest is “Bloodrayne: The Third Reich”, the third in his “Bloodrayne” series. It’s set in WWII, and stars Natassia Malthe, who once upon a time had an A-list career in the making, but it went off the rails pretty fast. Oh well, she looks good in black leather, though. (And, um, out of black leather, as well.) The below trailer is the official version, and it’s definitely less tantalizing than the one we posted previously.

Infamous director Uwe Boll’s (Postal, Alone in the Dark) latest cult-classic is the third in the notorious Bloodrayne film series, based on the popular video game character. The film stars Natassia Malthe (Elektra, DOA: Dead or Alive), Clint Howard (Frost/Nixon), Michael Paré (The Lincoln Lawyer) and Brendan Fletcher (Freddy vs. Jason).

Half-vampire, half-human, Rayne (Malthe) hides in the shadows slaughtering vampires and those that get in her way. In 1943 Europe, during World War II, Rayne faces her greatest foe, a growing army of undead Nazi soldiers led by Ekart Brand, a top Nazi official turned day-walker. Rayne must team up with a group of resistance fighters to defeat Brand and his vampire army before they reach Berlin to grant Hitler immortality.

The film is due out as an Unrated Director’s Cut DVD and Blu-ray this July 5th, 2011, and promises “special features including the making of Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, a writer-director commentary, an interview with the writer and more!”