Official Twilight Cast Picture

Yes, that’s right, this is another “Twilight” update. Why? Because people are psyche about this movie, and although I haven’t read the books, or know who is who and what they’re doing and why, it’s hard to ignore all the enthusiasm the kids have for this thing. (And yes, I’m so old now I actually have no problem using phrases like “the kids”. Wow. I’m old.) In any case, here’s the latest picture, said to be the first official look at the cast in their characters, make-up and all. Or at least, I think those guys are in make-up, because their eyes seem to be glowing, or is it just my bad, getting-old eyes?

In the film, Kristen Stewart (“The Messengers”) plays a teenager who risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.

Image via Cinematical:

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Twilight Cast Picture