Oh Crap, The Justice League Movie is Back on Track?

Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, that’s the sound of comic book fanboys everywhere screaming at the mere notion that the doomed “Justice League” movie was now back on track for production, and is being planned for 2009 re-start date. Of course, that’s not the studio talking, just an article in the Australian paper Herald Sun, so all you fans of quality comic book movies can take shelter in the pretty good possibility that this is just some Aussies talking out of their ass, and not necessarily the real thing.

The Herald Sun article talks about how great Megan Gale is, before dropping this tidbit at the end:

Initially slated to be filmed Down Under, [the film’s director George] Miller conceded production had been moved offshore, with a plan to resume filming next year.

Let’s hope this is just a fluff piece on the wonders of Megan Gale (and judging by her picture below, yes indeed, she is quite a wonder), and nothing more. Because let’s face it, the Justice League movie as it currently stands is a wreck of a movie.

Oh, Gods of Comic Book, please drown this little bastard once and for all. Pretty please?

Justice League's Megan Gale