Oh, Joy! The Teaser Trailer for Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police Has Arrived!

In case you were wondering, I’m extremely excited about “Zebraman 2”, with a heavy accent on extremely. After recently soaking in the cinematic outrageousness of Takashi Miike’s colorful action epic “Yatterman”, I’ve been aching for more of the prolific Japanese director’s work, especially the kind that features attractive individuals in various stages of superhero-inspired undress. And while “Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police” isn’t directed by Miike himself, it’s still close enough to get the job done. “Revenge”, of course, is the direct-to-video spin-off of “Zebraman 2”, and is more or less a promotional tool designed to generate lots of interest in the highly-anticipated sequel. Now, thanks to the good ladies and gentlemen at Twitch, you too can bask in the action-packed glory of Nishiumi Kenichiro’s upcoming release. The clip below also features some behind-the-scenes footage, so don’t let the first few seconds throw you off.

“Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police” will arrive on DVD in Japan this April. North American release dates, I’m afraid, have yet to be determined. Good thing I’m patient.