Oh, This is Just Silly. Is Marvel Really Developing a Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?

TwitchFilm is reporting that Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige’s latest big idea is to adapt “The Guardians of the Galaxy” property into a big-screen feature film. Marvel is apparently so flushed with cash thanks to the studio’s three hit films (“Thor”, “Captain America”, and “X-Men: First Class”) that they can afford to do “out there” things like hire writers to pen them a “Guardians” movie, I suspect, just to see if it’s actually doable. As you’ll recall, they’re already making noise about an “Inhumans” and a “Doctor Strange” movie, and frankly, those two films have a better chance of actually being made than this one.

Like most comic book titles, the “Guardians” have gone through various incarnations, but here’s how it all got started (via Wikipedia):

The Guardians are active in the 31st century in an alternate time-line of the Marvel Universe (Earth-691). The original members of the team include Major Vance Astro, an astronaut from the 20th century Earth who spends a thousand years travelling to Alpha Centauri in suspended animation. He is also the future-counterpart of the hero Vance Astrovik, now called Justice. Martinex T’Naga, a crystalline being from Pluto; Captain Charlie-27; a soldier from Jupiter, and Yondu Udonta, a blue-skinned “noble savage” from Beta Centauri IV comprise the original team. Each is apparently the last of their kind and is forced to unite as a team against the actions of the Badoon, an alien race which attempts to conquer Earth’s solar system.

That’s a pretty far-out roster right there. The current roster is definitely more palatable, but even then, it’s mostly made up of people you’ve never heard of. Even if Marvel’s big-budget superteam “The Avengers” breaks the bank next year (as I suspect it will), I can’t see Marvel reaching this much for another property to develop, especially when there are so many more recognizable/bankable properties that wouldn’t cost nearly as much as rendering a superteam out in space fighting aliens and what-not.

Hell, if nothing else, I’d rather see a “Nova” movie first. Then you can introduce the “Guardians” as a side character at the end of “Nova”, perhaps showing up to recruit him, etc. Makes more sense than just throwing a bunch of cash on a property no one has ever heard of. At the end, though, I suspect this is just Feige thinking out loud, and nothing more. I could be wrong, of course.