Oldboy’s Park Chan-wook May Give Hollywood a Try with Stoker

According to the LATimes, Park Chan-Wook, the man behind “Old Boy” and the “Vengeance” films, may make his English-language Hollywood debut on “Stoker”, which has already attached rising star Carey Mulligan as its female lead. Also in the cast, Jodie Foster, taking time off trying to convince people Mel Gibson is sane and beloved to actually do some honest work.

Written by Wentworth Miller (yes, that Wentworth Miller, of “Prison Break” fame), “Stoker” is a drama about a young woman (Mulligan) whose eccentric uncle comes back into her life after the death of her father.

I have no idea how a straight family drama like that will translate with a Korean director making his English-language debut, especially since Park Chan-wook doesn’t speak English. Sure, that’s what translators are for, but will that be enough to get all the nuances of an English drama through? After all, there’s a reason most foreign directors hop into an action movie when they initially come to Hollywood. It’s hard to get lost in translation with action; it’s very easy to do with drama and lots of dialogue and such.

But hey, Park Chan-wook is a friggin’ cinematic genius, so I’m sure he’ll adapt. That is, if he actually signs on to direct “Stoker”. Right now, though, he’s just in “talks” to board the project.