Olga Kurylenko is James Bond’s Main Girl in Bond 22

It appears the movie news sites were both right and wrong — yes, British actress Gemma Arterton will indeed be a Bond girl in the upcoming (and as yet still untitled) Bond 22 movie, but she just won’t be the Bond girl. That coveted role goes to Russian model turned actress Olga Kurylenko, who last seduced Agent 47 in the movie version of the popular videogame “Hitman”.


Early reports had actress Gemma Arterton as the new Bond girl, but even though Arterton has a role in the new film it is not as large as Kurylenko’s, said a source close to the film.

The Ukrainian actress joins a long list of leading ladies to be cast alongside the super spy including Ursula Andress in “Dr No,” Halle Berry, Kim Basinger and most recently Eva Green in “Casino Royale,” which grossed nearly $600 million in worldwide ticket sales.

I haven’t seen “Hitman”, so I don’t know if Olga Kurylenko can actually act. Then again, we are talking about a Bond movie, so looking good, kicking ass, and wearing a two-piece bikini is probably all that’s required. Olga Kurylenko certainly fits the bill. (I’m not sure about the kicking ass part, but the other two? Yeah, I’m gonna say she’s got that taken cared of.)

Olga Kurylenko