Oliver Stone and Shia LaBeouf in Wall Street 2?

Last we heard about a possible sequel to “Wall Street”, the 1980s example of greed and douchebaggery, it was in October of last year, and word was it wasn’t going to happen after all. The sequel was going by the title “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” back then, but according to the LA Times, FOX has now announced that the sequel is back and will now just be called “Wall Street 2”. And Apparently Oliver Stone, who directed the original and needs a hit bad, is back along with original star Michael Douglas. Charlie Sheen is nowhere to be found, though, and in his place will be Shia LeBeouf, who is currently in negotiations to co-star as a more contemporary version of Sheen’s character.

The LA Times has a bit about the plot of the sequel:

No one is offering a lot of specifics about the storyline, except to say that the focus remains on the Gekko character, whose exploits will closely reflect much of the greed and chicanery seen in the past year on Wall Street.

Is greed still good in 2009? Fox thinks so. And commie boy Oliver Stone probably agrees. After all, what else does he have going for him, a sequel to “W.”?

Below: “Douchebag pose off in three … two … one!”