Oliver Stone Answers Critics About W.

Let’s face it, if you were looking for a director to do a fair and honest appraisal of George W. Bush’s Presidency, Oliver Stone is your man. Sure, he’s a Fidel Castro-wanna-humpin’ commie lover, but that doesn’t mean Stone can’t approach the life and times and miserable failures of Dubya fairly. Heck, he’s even cast Josh Brolin in the role, and has Elizabeth Banks playing Laura Bush. If Stone had really wanted to do a tabloid hit piece on Bush, would he have cast two great actors? I think not! Well, the guys over at Cracked.com got a hold of Stone, and the controversial director was nice enough to show them scenes from his upcoming movie, “W.”


So Oliver Stone has geared up for his new picture: a warts and all exploration of current President George W. Bush. But will Stone’s politics get in the way of a historically accurate portrayal? The controversial filmmaker sat down with Cracked.com to plead his case…

After seeing the clips, and hearing Stone’s words of assurance, I now believe that “W.” will be a fair, and honest, portrait of the embattled George W. Bush.

No, really.