Olivia Munn Stretches her Acting Muscle in Iron Man 2. Well, Not Really.

Olivia Munn

As anyone who has followed her career probably already knows, G4’s “Attack of the Show” co-host Olivia Munn is a better self-promoter than she is an actual actress. At least, if her roles as “TV reporter” in a series of comic book movies are any indication. Despite rumors that Munn would be playing everyone from WASP to the Scarlett Witch in Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man 2” (a rumor that she conveniently fans every chance she gets, natch), the truth is a little bit more … munndane. Get it? Ahem.

IGN says Munn will be playing “a TV personality” who is reporting from an event that Tony Stark attends, which I’m assuming is near the beginning during Stark Expo. Stan Lee will also be making his appearance at the same shindig.

So yeah, despite all the talk that her scenes were “re-shot” and “re-conceived”, Olivia Munn is just playing a less ditzy version of herself in “Iron Man 2”. Sorry, Munn fans, I know the woman is hot and all, but let’s face it, you should know better by now not to take everything she says seriously. When it comes to her career, Olivia Munn is a lot like every other pretty face in Hollywood trying to make it: She knows how to work it, even if “it” is probably a 5-second scene in a big movie.

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